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Balmoral Pram

There is simply nothing else like it...The Silver Cross Balmoral is the definitive luxury pram, still crafted by hand in Yorkshire using traditional methods. It's unique design is British engineering at its best. The iconic design excludes quality and craftsmanship, from the polished chrome chassis to the hand stitched fabrics and the hallmark hand painted fine line detail. The gorgeous shape and detailing are matched by the famous Silver Cross ride, a wonderful bouncing glide created by the patented C-spring chassis. A sumptuous cotton pram liner and mattress ensures that your baby is transported in the greatest comfort, and with the classis Balmoral suspension, peaceful strolling is guaranteed for your newborn.

It includes:

Balmoral Pram, Balmoral Hood & Apron, Large Shopping Basket, Deep Padded Mattress, White Leather Harness, After Care Kit, Certificate of Authenticity, Solid Wood Handle


Key Features:

Beautiful Detailing
The hood and apron are hand stitched and feature chrome tensioners finished with Yorkshire Rose detailing

Ultimate Baby Comfort
The deeply padded mattress has a soft white pique cover

Hand Painted Fine Line Detail
The Balmoral is handmade by craftsmen using traditional skills

Smooth Ride With Patented C-Spring Suspension
The patented c-spring suspension provides a peerlessly smooth ride, unique to the Silver Cross Bamoral

Chrome Spoked Wheels
Large white tyres compliment the Heritage look

It includes:

         Balmoral Pram       Balmoral Hood & Apron      Large Shopping Basket       Deep Padded Mattress

     White Leather Harness

             After Care Kit     Certificate of Authenticity         Solid Wood Handle



Legth: 133cm| Width: 59cm| Height: 125cm

Internal Dimensions:

Legth: 85cm| Width: 36cm| Height: 18cm

 Weight: 37kg