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Return Policies

As promised for a 2 year of warranty over the product and 7 day return policy, we are always there to help you in case of any repair and replacement service

1. Return criteria

If the product is found in a damanged condition on arrival or if the product requires a repair or replacement within the warranty period.
You can directly contact us on our email:

You will have to mention the exact issue with you order number details and provide us with the images of the damage incurred.
We would inspect the images and get back to you at the earliest, if the damage is not predictabe by the images or if further inspection is required, we would ask you to send us the product to our Sandyford address (depends on the damage and repair required)

The product would be catered to and send back to you or a replacement would be shipped to you immediately.

2. Time period

We would require a maximum of 7 working days for the repairing the damage, if the damage is major, the time period might exceed, however you would be notified in case of delays

Once completed, the product would reach you within the next 2 working days

If you have any queries during this period, or require any update, you can directly call us on: +35312952111

We would always be available to help you!